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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poor abused Trevor, but it's still only a B

Last night Trevor asked me what I would do for him if he detailed my car today (yes we often trade unsavory jobs for sexual favors).  After thinking about it I asked "Well what do you want?"  See there is a strategy in that question!  I didn't want to do it but I also didn't want to give too much for him to do it.  You know, get the best value for my sexy parts.  So we decided on the 'price' for lack of a better word and he started today around 2.  

After doing some chores around the house, Nora and I pulled some chairs out to watch Daddy doing 'manly' stuff.  It was then that I realized that I didn't set any ground rules on quality in our dealings.  Since at this point we had added another observer of Trevor's manly antics I asked Shirley (a little loudly so Trevor could also hear) if it would be fair to "grade" Trevors performance.  If he got an A he would get all he asked for, B a little less ect ect ect... Shirley said YES!  Trevor said NO!  Well since I was the deciding vote I voted for a grade :D 

Sigh...  Also I couldn't take watching him anymore!!  I started twitching when I could see that he hadn't vacuumed all the dirt out.  Or the windows had gunk in the corners!  Or there were still water spots on the outside of my car!  And don't get me started on the rims!  Gaaaaahhh!  I ended up helping him with the inside.  So tomorrow is phase 2 of the deal gone bad for Trevor.  

I just have to point out that this was an UNSOLICITED offer!  I did NOT ask for this.  Trevor OFFERED!  He offered having known me for years.  I say he brought this on himself.  

Giggle, side note!  When I was sitting in the backseat asking about all the things I saw as not finished (and he thought they were) I also asked if he was ever going to offer to detail my car again.  Unsurprisingly he said "Uhh, hell no."

P.s. Next time say "I'll wash the outside of your car" not "I'll 'Detail' your car" cause washing and detailing are waaayyy different mister!  I would not expect anywhere near the level of detail in an exterior wash as I do for a 'detailing'.

P.s.s. Trevor is very un-amused by this post.  Sorry babe!  But you brought this on yourself as well by bugging me to start my own blog >:)

P.s.s.s (Last one I swear) All joking aside, Trevor has done an excellent job so far on the car!  He is a saint for putting up with my craziness and seriously I doubt anyone else would see the issues that I see.  

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  1. ROFL awwweee Trevor.... I agree tho six years in YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!! hopefully she "detailed" her job for you !!! grin!!