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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creating a blog isn't all rainbows and moonbeams...

Since my last post *aka, my first post* I have been trying to make my home page all pretty for you future readers.  Yeahhh I'm done with that crap!  Sheesh! 

On an unrelated note I guess I should explain who I am and who lives with my husband *Trevor* and I!  Well it's us, his 2 kids from his first marriage (Nora is 7 and Cameron is 4), my 2 kids from my first marriage (Liam is 7 and Riley is 6), our daughter together is Delilah and she is 2, my father in law Dale who has early onset Alzheimers, our friends Shirley and Derek and THEIR 2 kids (Alex who is 12 and Marilyn who is 3) plus a crap ton of fish and finally the 2 dogs Odee and Bella.  Phew!  

I am 27 and... I dunno what to say about me.  Trevor says I'm too nice and Take on way too much when I already have a lot going on but since about month 2 of my pregnancy with Delilah I haven't worked outside the home so I guess I feel guilty by not contributing financially?  Anyway, I grew up near San Luis Obispo, California and have lived in said state almost my whole life (I moved to upstate New York with my ex-husband for about 9 months right out of high school and moved home when the snow melted!)

Some may wonder, "What the HELL are you thinking having so many people in your home!?"  Well I guess it all has a logical explanation when I go bit by bit!  

~Dale needed care close to full time so Trevor and I moved into my in law's house to take care of him.  I do have a mother in law but she does not live here and I may tell you the full story one day but not today : )

~Shirley just started nursing school a couple weeks ago and the thought of her kids in day care ALL day EVERY day made me sick when I am here and love them so they should be with me!  Right??   

~The fish... well that's not hard to explain I guess, we like fish?

~The dogs! Odee is a beagle who has a serious napoleon complex and Bella is a bull mastiff who happily submits to Odee on most everything.

Welcome to my blog where I plan to share all the funny/irritating/wonderful things that happen to me on a day to day basis!!

*Preview of things to come*

I was laying down on the couch minding my own business when Delilah ran up to me and yelled "I kill you Mommy!" while holding her brothers nerf gun.  I stared at her open mouthed as she giggled with such an accomplished look on her face.  She then says, "Here Mommy! I got Band-aid! All better!"  I stared after her as she ran away with her long blond hair streaming behind her.  I could hear her giggling around the corner for quite a while.  WTF??

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  1. You explained everything but the kids... why keep them?? Better to get rid of them now while their not old enough to remember your address ! XD