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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rough morning with Dale

This morning started off pretty normal, get Liam and Alex to school, get girls ready for school, walk them to school, drop Riley off at school and pick up the girls! All that was normal. When Dale was brought home by Ken everything seemed normal there as well (except Ken pointing out that I was a day off on the white board calender that we use as a 'check out' system so we can track where Dale is all the time.) 

Fast forward about a half hour and the girls are eating snack in the living room and I'm going through my emails and deleting the majority of them because WHY THE HELL DID I SIGN UP FOR THESE NEWSLETTERS/ADDS/ECT?! Anyways, I was in my room when I hear Dale's med alert neckless *tinkling* as he walks into my room.   

Me~ What's up Dale?

Dale~ I made a b-b-b-big me-mess

Me~ Oh yeah? That's ok! Where is the mess? I can help clean it up! *smile*

Dale~ I-i-i-i cou-cou-couln't cl-cl-cl-cl-cl-clean.... s-s-sort.... *starts crying*

Me~ Don't worry Dale, it's ok. That's why i'm here! So I can help! Show me the mess *smile*

I lead him into his room which wasn't easy because his balance was all of a sudden way off. I thought he meant his clothes needed to be sorted so we could wash them but it was his bed, it was all askew and he was trying to make it but couldn't figure out how to do it so he came and told me. Which is a good thing (him coming to me that is) but it's concerning as well. I'm keeping an eye on him now, I'm not sure if he should go out for his afternoon coffee with Ken. We'll see.

P.s. I stripped his bed and washed the sheets since Dale was so upset. I told him that a clean bed will make him feel better... but I have to think that maybe he's reaching a place in his disease where there isn't really anything I can do :(

P.s.s If you haven't read earlier posts Dale is Trevor's dad and he has early onset Alzheimer's.