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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Poor abused Trevor, but it's still only a B

Last night Trevor asked me what I would do for him if he detailed my car today (yes we often trade unsavory jobs for sexual favors).  After thinking about it I asked "Well what do you want?"  See there is a strategy in that question!  I didn't want to do it but I also didn't want to give too much for him to do it.  You know, get the best value for my sexy parts.  So we decided on the 'price' for lack of a better word and he started today around 2.  

After doing some chores around the house, Nora and I pulled some chairs out to watch Daddy doing 'manly' stuff.  It was then that I realized that I didn't set any ground rules on quality in our dealings.  Since at this point we had added another observer of Trevor's manly antics I asked Shirley (a little loudly so Trevor could also hear) if it would be fair to "grade" Trevors performance.  If he got an A he would get all he asked for, B a little less ect ect ect... Shirley said YES!  Trevor said NO!  Well since I was the deciding vote I voted for a grade :D 

Sigh...  Also I couldn't take watching him anymore!!  I started twitching when I could see that he hadn't vacuumed all the dirt out.  Or the windows had gunk in the corners!  Or there were still water spots on the outside of my car!  And don't get me started on the rims!  Gaaaaahhh!  I ended up helping him with the inside.  So tomorrow is phase 2 of the deal gone bad for Trevor.  

I just have to point out that this was an UNSOLICITED offer!  I did NOT ask for this.  Trevor OFFERED!  He offered having known me for years.  I say he brought this on himself.  

Giggle, side note!  When I was sitting in the backseat asking about all the things I saw as not finished (and he thought they were) I also asked if he was ever going to offer to detail my car again.  Unsurprisingly he said "Uhh, hell no."

P.s. Next time say "I'll wash the outside of your car" not "I'll 'Detail' your car" cause washing and detailing are waaayyy different mister!  I would not expect anywhere near the level of detail in an exterior wash as I do for a 'detailing'.

P.s.s. Trevor is very un-amused by this post.  Sorry babe!  But you brought this on yourself as well by bugging me to start my own blog >:)

P.s.s.s (Last one I swear) All joking aside, Trevor has done an excellent job so far on the car!  He is a saint for putting up with my craziness and seriously I doubt anyone else would see the issues that I see.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creating a blog isn't all rainbows and moonbeams...

Since my last post *aka, my first post* I have been trying to make my home page all pretty for you future readers.  Yeahhh I'm done with that crap!  Sheesh! 

On an unrelated note I guess I should explain who I am and who lives with my husband *Trevor* and I!  Well it's us, his 2 kids from his first marriage (Nora is 7 and Cameron is 4), my 2 kids from my first marriage (Liam is 7 and Riley is 6), our daughter together is Delilah and she is 2, my father in law Dale who has early onset Alzheimers, our friends Shirley and Derek and THEIR 2 kids (Alex who is 12 and Marilyn who is 3) plus a crap ton of fish and finally the 2 dogs Odee and Bella.  Phew!  

I am 27 and... I dunno what to say about me.  Trevor says I'm too nice and Take on way too much when I already have a lot going on but since about month 2 of my pregnancy with Delilah I haven't worked outside the home so I guess I feel guilty by not contributing financially?  Anyway, I grew up near San Luis Obispo, California and have lived in said state almost my whole life (I moved to upstate New York with my ex-husband for about 9 months right out of high school and moved home when the snow melted!)

Some may wonder, "What the HELL are you thinking having so many people in your home!?"  Well I guess it all has a logical explanation when I go bit by bit!  

~Dale needed care close to full time so Trevor and I moved into my in law's house to take care of him.  I do have a mother in law but she does not live here and I may tell you the full story one day but not today : )

~Shirley just started nursing school a couple weeks ago and the thought of her kids in day care ALL day EVERY day made me sick when I am here and love them so they should be with me!  Right??   

~The fish... well that's not hard to explain I guess, we like fish?

~The dogs! Odee is a beagle who has a serious napoleon complex and Bella is a bull mastiff who happily submits to Odee on most everything.

Welcome to my blog where I plan to share all the funny/irritating/wonderful things that happen to me on a day to day basis!!

*Preview of things to come*

I was laying down on the couch minding my own business when Delilah ran up to me and yelled "I kill you Mommy!" while holding her brothers nerf gun.  I stared at her open mouthed as she giggled with such an accomplished look on her face.  She then says, "Here Mommy! I got Band-aid! All better!"  I stared after her as she ran away with her long blond hair streaming behind her.  I could hear her giggling around the corner for quite a while.  WTF??

What up yo!

So here I am!  I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment right now!  As you can see, I have started a blog.  Before I really get into my first ever post I must warn everyone who may or may not ever read this that I have no real grasp on punctuation or really how the English language as a whole works.  I am guided by spell check and by my stubbornness.  And smiley faces :)

ANYWAY!  Back to meeee!  I have a crazy household, more on that to come, and having become addicted to a couple blogs I have decided blogging is for me!  I love love LOVE reading about the funny/hard truthfullness (that is a real thing, I have no clue why spell check doesn't agree with me) of the wonderful women that I follow...  Since I *sometimes* have people either in tears laughing at my day to day life or staring slack jaw in disbelief I figure maybe somewhere out there a woman (or man) is waiting to read what I have to say so they can escape from their crazy hectic lives and smile.  So there.