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Monday, October 3, 2011

And the devil spawn shall be called, Michael

Sooo This weekend was CRAZY!  We drove down to my home town of Paso Robles for my friend Tenaya's baby shower and wedding.  She's from Idaho these days so it was all planned from 4 different cities and 2 different states so it was amazing that everything came together so perfectly!  It was so beautiful and the happy couple was... well happy I guess :D  Also as an aside, I was the BEST best friend (that's for you Mikey if you ever read this.)  

I may do another post about Saturday but this post is about an event that occurred on Sunday.  We had stayed at my parents house with a dual purpose of visiting with them and my brother before he goes into basic training in Georgia next week.  And we are always broke so hotels are a smidge too fancy for us :)  

Anyway, back to Sunday...  We were getting ready to hit the road when I went outside to visit with my mom and dad who were in the backyard.   I noticed a cool looking plant in the corner of the patio and asked my mom about it.  She said that plant was named Hitler-Stalin-Mussolini and that she hated it cause it attacks her every time she's over there either plugging something in or watering the 'damn thing.'  Which is lucky she even waters it!  "It even spawns!"  she said.  I was giggling the whole time she was talking about how they got it from a friend in Arizona and it survived the 11 hour motorcycle ride home and how evil it is. 

Btw my dad is just smiling as my mom goes on. 

Anyway she then says that she aborted it's devil spawn.  My dad chimes in to say that he saved the aborted devil spawn and planted it in a far corner of the yard.  My mom gave him a dirty look as I giggle.  The whole thing was very funny. 

I had already asked and received cuttings from a succulent my mom has thriving in her yard so I asked for the new devil spawn that had sprouted from Hitler-Stalin-Mussolini that she was also going to 'abort'.  So mom went into the garage for her 'abortion tool' which turns out is a flat head screw driver.  (I thought it was going to be a wire coat hanger and a tampon but tomato/potato)  After she got the sprout, aka devil spawn, out she put it in the pot with the other cuttings and dubbed him Michael.  

So that's how I ended up with the devil spawn plant named Michael :)

Michael is the pointy one in the bottom center of the pot

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