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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What up yo!

So here I am!  I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment right now!  As you can see, I have started a blog.  Before I really get into my first ever post I must warn everyone who may or may not ever read this that I have no real grasp on punctuation or really how the English language as a whole works.  I am guided by spell check and by my stubbornness.  And smiley faces :)

ANYWAY!  Back to meeee!  I have a crazy household, more on that to come, and having become addicted to a couple blogs I have decided blogging is for me!  I love love LOVE reading about the funny/hard truthfullness (that is a real thing, I have no clue why spell check doesn't agree with me) of the wonderful women that I follow...  Since I *sometimes* have people either in tears laughing at my day to day life or staring slack jaw in disbelief I figure maybe somewhere out there a woman (or man) is waiting to read what I have to say so they can escape from their crazy hectic lives and smile.  So there.

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